Today i want to justify and conclude that is love good or bad for young aspirants..
first of all differentiate between dating and love,i don't want to talk about dating and i focuss about love only
love is the mutual understanding between two genders..(mostly)

firstly,coming to girls...girls are made up of ego's and doubts.don't know why girls are very possesive.for example,if a guy is in relationship and he feels very good if she talks with that boy friend's..he will feel that they are helpful and they support him infront of that girl.boys encourage their friends relationships (mostly)but,when we come to girls,huff.girls will never encourage another girl to be in a relationship with others.they may support them by explaining that they won't make them to face problems by encouraging.girls are more egoistic than anyothers in the olden days,girls are the people who are used to stick to only one people.but,now they change their boyfriends like changing a dress..the words which we listen most often from their mouth are "LET'S BREAK UP" "I AM IN A DATE WITH  THAT GUY",it's a very pathetic situation to hear all these.i am not going to point out all the's the basic scenario now are days girls are used to and they used to run around the rich boys to meet their their basic needs for free.

now,coming to the boy's.. boy's are mostly kinda funny or humorous.but,they are also making the girls to be like that..boys have a heroitic mannerisms and they feel like heroes.they will think that everygirl will come to their feet..girls are more beautiful in nature.u are just average handsome guy..u should be like down to earth.
dont think more about may damage your style and the main and final thing is attitude everyone should have their own attitude.but,don't show your attitude always.there is a time for everything. final tip is don't copy others attitude..your attitude is the best attitude.

No one has right to love untl they understand others completely.whenever they feel sad u should comfort thing i want to convey is "YOU DON'T HAVE A RIGHT  TO BE A VALENTINE UNTIL YOU UNDERSTAND HIM/HER COMPLETELY".love is based on a mutual point is never ask a lover to stay as a friend after he/she proposes's the most painful thing..

thank you readers for reading my article on others and pave a path for LOVED NATION..

jai hindh.