Today, i am going to stress on profitable and low investment business from my experiences.
when i completed my engineering.I am in search of a many neighbours will suggest that "come to me i will give you a job (or) forward your resume,i will try to get a job ".i got vexed up with all these useless ideas.then,i tought of starting a business which should be low in nivestment.i opted for low investment because we can't bear losses if we fail in business.

The business which i found at last was "PAPER PLATE MAKING BUSINESS".The profit percentage will be less but,profit will be for sure.if we organise and monitor it properly.later,we can develop our business by taking sponsership or dealership from companies or you can start online money making

Requirements for "paper plate making business" are:-
* Paper plate making machine,which we can buy in market.first,we need to have awareness on machines.there are two types of machines.they are automatic and manual..semi automatic can also be considered as automatic
*Automatic machines are bit expensive i.e 1-2 lakhs based on brand and company.manual are cheap they costs in range of 20,000-65,000
*We need one labour (for manual machinery only)
*One seperate room is sufficient for machinery.
*The material should be bought from companies.they may cost 90,000/ton.and,a ton material produces 2 tons of plates.
*We need to have a good marketing that,we can sell to shops,dealers and distributors.
*Once,we found some dealers.they will be with us that we can improve by getting some other dealers.
 These are all the requirements to start a "PAPER PLATE MAKING BUSINESS". It may sound like cheap.but,profit is assured.
I tried on my own and became profittable. give a try,but be serious on your try.
Wishing u a good sucess.
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THANK YOU for reading my article.

jai hind.