Unrooting Android Phone or Device Procedure-Easy Steps

Unrooting Android Phone or Device Procedure-Easy Steps


Steps to unroot the Samsung galaxy y :

 Download the unroot-update. zip file for unroot and place it directly on your SD card , (rename piz extension to .zip) not in any folder. Do not extract it.

Download : Here

  1.  Switch off your phone.
  2.  Press the Home button, Power button and the Volume Up button and keep holding it until the Samsung logo appears. Now let go of the buttons. You will see that some writings have come in red colour. This is called the Recovery Mode. Your touch screen wont work now. So don't panic if you touch the screen and nothing happens. Only the volume buttons, home button and the power buttons work now. Volume buttons for going up and down. Home button for selecting and Power key for going back to previous screen.
  3.  Select 'Apply update from sd card'.
  4.  Choose the file that you have downloaded and select yes.
  5.  After that you'll be taken to another screen where there will be an option 'Reboot system now'. Select it and be patient and wait for your phone to switch on.
  6.  Check your apps and if you dont see the Superuser app, it means you are unrooted. 
Enjoy Android  First experience again

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Interesting Facts About Crows-You Must Know

Hi friends,
Today i came before you to astonish you by letting you know about the interesting facts of crows
Crows are most intelligent bird.Some of the interesting facts are listed below read it and feel wow..why can't every bird won't be like crow??

1.Crows build some duplicate nests in the sorroundings of their own nests in order to trap enemies.When ever enemies see empty nests they feel that all the nests are empty and they goes off.In this way,they will mislead enemies.

2.Crows kill ants and they will apply to their body's as per the research conducted in order to protect them from small creatures.If we go deep on this and how it work's we come to know that ant's has farmic acid which prevents other small creatures to come near crow's.How intelligent crow's are??

3.Female crows are more honest,i mean they will stick to only one crow in their total life time if they pair once with male crow.But,male crows are totally different from female crows they will go with whom they like.Crazy male crows??

4.Crows kill one another by poking each other.Even our scientists are failed to know the reason behind that still,they are doing their research on this topic.Don't know when they will find out and let us know??

5.Fruits,insects,eggs,fish,frogs,rice.........etc.Totally they will eat 1000 types of varieties of fortunate they are??

6.Crows are more selfish when it comes to food.They take more preventive measures in order to protect their food from other crows.They will take their food and dig in one place.Whenever they feel hungry they will return to that place and dig their food out and eat.Sound's crazy right

7.They are very talented in eating wall nuts and badam seeds.They know what to eat in seeds and they will eat only what we eat in wall nuts and badam seeds.They will break these seeds by dropping down from far heights and eat them.Interesting thing here is they will break these seeds by putting down under the vehicles.After they pass on them they will come and eat.

How clever these crazy crows??
These are some of the interesting facts revelaed out.There may be many other which were not revealed till now.
Thank you for reading..

China Has World's Superfast Computer

World's Superfast Computer

As per the recent survey reports announced,China has the world's fastest computer.China national university of defence technology made "tiyanahe-2" has got the first place in world's fastest computer.This computer can processes 33.86 peta flaps (1000 trillion calculations) per second.China's competitor america's computer can processes only 17.59 peta flaps per second.China has defeated america in computer world technology.As of now,america bags first place every time in this survey.But,now china pulls first place from america.China's computer is almost double times faster than the americas computer.American scientists are shocked by this extraordinary chinese people.If this continues china dominates america in technology world in every aspect says scientists.

Thank you


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Are you curious about how to make money online? Think that starting a blog is the way to go?

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Hi friends,
First of all wishing all my readers happy new year and merry cristmas
Today i am going to write about the top 10 android apps of the year 2013.if u have them feel happy else download it.

1.Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop:

With more people toting Android tablets, their potential as remote access devices grows, as well. Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop is a great way to operate a Mac or Windows PC via an Android slate. It lets you run desktop programs remotely, view and edit files without fussing with transfers or syncs, and even watch HD movies (depending on the speed of your Internet connection, naturally).


The Google Play Store abounds with free password managers that encrypt and safeguard sensitive personal information, but Dashlane is one of the best. It uses AES-256 encryption to store passwords, and it automatically enters login information and online forms (e.g., with names and mailing addresses). It saves encrypted data, including password, credit card, and other personal details, on your device or in the cloud. Its premium edition ($30 per year) allows you to sync data to all of your PCs (Windows or Mac), smartphones, and tablets.

3.Google keep

You're probably familiar with Evernote and Microsoft OneNote -- both great note-taking apps -- but the lesser-known Google Keep is a good alternative for Android users. Announced in March 2013, Google Keep is handy for adding quick text notes with photos. It transcribes voice comments on the fly and with generally good accuracy


Not a fan of the default Gmail app? You're not alone. The free Boomerang is a great alternative. With its clean design and convenient gesture commands, Boomerang makes it easy to view and organize your inbox. You can "snooze" an email message and have it return to your inbox when you need it -- tomorrow, in two days, or next week, for instance. You can schedule messages to be sent later, and you can track responses to your emails. Boomerang currently works only with Gmail and Google Apps accounts, but support for other services is coming soon, the developer says.

5.Text secure/red phone

Open Whisper Systems has a duo of privacy apps that security seekers should try. TextSecure replaces the default SMS/MMS messenger app on an Android phone. It encrypts texts on your device, as well as those in transit to other TextSecure users. And since it encrypts messages locally, if your phone is lost or stolen, your texts are secure. TextSecure is free and uses open-source, peer-reviewed cryptographic protocols.

RedPhone cloaks voice conversations. It uses your phone's regular number to send and receive calls, providing end-to-end encryption for furtive chats. And, like TextSecure, RedPhone is free and open-source. Can you hear me now, NSA?

6.Blackberry messenger

BlackBerry's smartphone business may be swirling southward, but its cross-platform BBM is a bona fide hit. The company announced more than 20 million new BBM users soon after the app's October release on Android and iOS. BBM's clean, intuitive UI makes it a good choice for sharing documents, photos, voice notes, and other information. The app has some nice privacy features, too, including the use of PINs (rather than phone numbers or email addresses) to identify users.

7.Call Recorder

This may seem like an odd pick for a top 10 list, but the simplest apps are often the most useful. The free Call Recorder is a painless way to record business and personal calls on phones running Android 4.1 or newer. (It may work on Android 4.0.3 devices, but the developer recommends an upgrade to 4.1.) The app can save calls in MP3 format on an SD card, and it can organize recordings in multiple views -- by time, date, name, and so on.

We like the Call Recorder UI, but if it's not your favorite, there are many alternatives available in the Google Play Store, including All Call Recorder and Clever Mobile's Call Recorder.

8.Sleep As Android

Sleep As Android is an alarm clock app with a built-in sleep cycle monitor. To use it, simply place your plugged-in Android handset near you on the mattress. The app uses the phone's accelerometer to track your snoozing activities, including light and deep sleep cycles and snoring patterns. It will wake you during a light sleep cycle, which reportedly leaves you more rested than being jarred awake during a deep cycle. (Your regular alarm clock lacks this sensitivity -- what a jerk.) It even records your snoring, so you can finally hear the racket your partner has been griping about.

9.Android Device Manager

Google's free Android Device Manager brings Apple's Find My iPhone loss and theft protection to Android devices. After logging into your Google Account, you can track down a missing Android phone or tablet, reset the lost device's screen-lock PIN, and erase all its data.

The app works as promised, but some Google Play commenters have pointed out that Android Device Manager lacks a very important feature: password protection. This extra security step would prevent a bad guy from stealing an unlocked Android tablet, for instance, and using Device Manager to erase data on the owner's other Android devices.

10.PicsArt Photo Studio

If you're looking for a mobile photo editor that does it all, it's hard to top PicsArt Photo Studio, a popular Android app with more image manipulation tools than most smartphone shutterbugs will ever use. You can modify photos in numerous ways using masks, frames, overlays, clipart, and sundry other tricks. And the PicsArt Artists Network adds a social touch by letting you create personal art galleries, compete in drawing and photo contests, and connect with fellow creative types. The PicsArt app has been downloaded more than 90 million times (Android and iOS combined), so it's obviously struck a chord with mobile artists.

These are the best apps available in android maarket as far as i know.
Thank you for reading my article,feel ree to comment below


Hi friends
Today i am going to explain tips to increase traffic for your blog
Seven tips for effective blogging and to increase traffic for your blog.Traffic plays a major role for an encouragement of blogger

1.Target Your Content to an Audience Likely to Share

When strategizing about who you're writing for, consider that audience's ability to help spread the word. Some readers will naturally be more or less active in evangelizing the work you do, but particular communities, topics, writing styles and content types regularly play better than others on the web.

2.Participate in the Communities Where Your Audience Already Gathers

Advertisers on Madison Avenue have spent billions researching and determining where consumers with various characteristics gather and what they spend their time doing so they can better target their messages. They do it because reaching a group of 65+ year old women with commercials for extreme sports equipment is known to be a waste of money, while reaching an 18-30 year old male demographic that attends rock-climbing gyms is likely to have a much higher ROI.

3. Make Your Blog's Content SEO-Friendly

Search engines are a massive opportunity for traffic, yet many bloggers ignore this channel for a variety of reasons that usually have more to do with fear and misunderstanding than true problems. As I've written before, "SEO, when done right, should never interfere with great writing." In 2011, Google received over 3 billion daily searches from around the world, and that number is only growing:

4. Use Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to Share Your Posts & Find New Connections

Twitter just topped 465 million registered accounts. Facebook has over 850 million active users. Google+ has nearly 100 million. LinkedIn is over 130 million. Together, these networks are attracting vast amounts of time and interest from Internet users around the world, and those that participate on these services fit into the "content distributors" description above, meaning they're likely to help spread the word about your blog.

5.Uncover the Links of Your Fellow Bloggers 

If other blogs in your niche have earned references from sites around the web, there's a decent chance that they'll link to you as well. Conducting competitive link research can also show you what content from your competition has performed well and the strategies they may be using to market their work. To uncover these links, you'll need to use some tools.

6.Aggregate the Best of Your Niche

Bloggers, publishers and site owners of every variety in the web world love and hate to be compared and ranked against one another. It incites endless intrigue, discussion, methodology arguments and competitive behavior - but, it's amazing for earning attention. When a blogger publishes a list of "the best X" or "the top X" in their field, most everyone who's ranked highly praises the list, shares it and links to it.

7.Interact on Other Blogs' Comments

As bloggers, we see a lot of comments. Many are spam, only a few add real value, and even fewer are truly fascinating and remarkable. If you can be in this final category consistently, in ways that make a blogger sit up and think "man, I wish that person commented here more often!" you can achieve great things for your own site's visibility through participation in the comments of other blogs.

Thank you for reading.feel free to comment below