Interesting Facts About Crows-You Must Know

Hi friends,
Today i came before you to astonish you by letting you know about the interesting facts of crows
Crows are most intelligent bird.Some of the interesting facts are listed below read it and feel wow..why can't every bird won't be like crow??

1.Crows build some duplicate nests in the sorroundings of their own nests in order to trap enemies.When ever enemies see empty nests they feel that all the nests are empty and they goes off.In this way,they will mislead enemies.

2.Crows kill ants and they will apply to their body's as per the research conducted in order to protect them from small creatures.If we go deep on this and how it work's we come to know that ant's has farmic acid which prevents other small creatures to come near crow's.How intelligent crow's are??

3.Female crows are more honest,i mean they will stick to only one crow in their total life time if they pair once with male crow.But,male crows are totally different from female crows they will go with whom they like.Crazy male crows??

4.Crows kill one another by poking each other.Even our scientists are failed to know the reason behind that still,they are doing their research on this topic.Don't know when they will find out and let us know??

5.Fruits,insects,eggs,fish,frogs,rice.........etc.Totally they will eat 1000 types of varieties of fortunate they are??

6.Crows are more selfish when it comes to food.They take more preventive measures in order to protect their food from other crows.They will take their food and dig in one place.Whenever they feel hungry they will return to that place and dig their food out and eat.Sound's crazy right

7.They are very talented in eating wall nuts and badam seeds.They know what to eat in seeds and they will eat only what we eat in wall nuts and badam seeds.They will break these seeds by dropping down from far heights and eat them.Interesting thing here is they will break these seeds by putting down under the vehicles.After they pass on them they will come and eat.

How clever these crazy crows??
These are some of the interesting facts revelaed out.There may be many other which were not revealed till now.
Thank you for reading..