Unrooting Android Phone or Device Procedure-Easy Steps

Unrooting Android Phone or Device Procedure-Easy Steps


Steps to unroot the Samsung galaxy y :

 Download the unroot-update. zip file for unroot and place it directly on your SD card , (rename piz extension to .zip) not in any folder. Do not extract it.

Download : Here

  1.  Switch off your phone.
  2.  Press the Home button, Power button and the Volume Up button and keep holding it until the Samsung logo appears. Now let go of the buttons. You will see that some writings have come in red colour. This is called the Recovery Mode. Your touch screen wont work now. So don't panic if you touch the screen and nothing happens. Only the volume buttons, home button and the power buttons work now. Volume buttons for going up and down. Home button for selecting and Power key for going back to previous screen.
  3.  Select 'Apply update from sd card'.
  4.  Choose the file that you have downloaded and select yes.
  5.  After that you'll be taken to another screen where there will be an option 'Reboot system now'. Select it and be patient and wait for your phone to switch on.
  6.  Check your apps and if you dont see the Superuser app, it means you are unrooted. 
Enjoy Android  First experience again

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